MQTT Binding 2.5.0 M3 add item to channel problem

Using OH since a few months, i ran into a problem.
On a MQTT binding-mqtt - 2.5.0.M3, i try to link a item to a channel via paper UI
When the link pop-up screen appears i have two fields to fill: “Please select a profile” and Please select the item to link". But the fist field "Please select a profile " the drop down box is empty !!!
I can choose the item to link in the second field without problem.
The link a item to channel is not linking. Where can I configure this profile field?
All the other bindings,things, channels and items are working fine.
All of them where create via Paper UI with simple mode off and using Habpanel to create my dashboards
How can i fix this?

OH 2.5.0 M3 on a PI2 buster

Try deleting that thing and start again

It looks like you added that temperature channel to the Broker Thing! That thing should not have any channel, it is just scting as a bridge!
You need to create a generic MQTT thing which is connecting to the Broker Thing. On that generic thing you should create the channels for this device.

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Duh!! Well spotted @opus. Sometimes it help to have 2 coffees in the morning.

There are cases where one would want to create a Channel on the Broker Thing. For example, if you have an MQTT topic that receives messages and all you care about is the fact of the message, not the message itself, you might want to add the Channel to the Broker Thing. You can then trigger a Rule using a Channel trigger. As another example, if the MQTT subscription doesn’t represent a single device (e.g. see the MQTT 2.5 Event Bus tutorial) you might want to create the Channel on the Broker Thing and again trigger the Rule using a Channel trigger. Only in this case you can get the topic and the message as part of the event so you can parse them and do the appropriate thing. In the case of the EventBus implementation, it parses the Item name out of the topic and sends command or post update the message to that Item. You can’t do this using Items alone.

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Thanks for this explanation.

Thanks to all for the quick reply.
The Generic MQTT thing did it …
MQTT broker just to make the bridge without any channels and the generic MQTT thing where you add the channels and link the items.
I think i was not fully awake that morning;-)

Thanks please tick the solution post