Mqtt binding 2.5.4 - MQTT Things and Channels stuck in status resolved

openHAB version 2.5.4 on openhabianpi

Since update to 2.5.x MQTT Binding is stuck in status resolved.
Tried clearing cache, reinstalling the binding, sometimes it seems to start but other things are messed up, like Basic UI not reacting or Habpanel showing a mess, wrong values etc.
Also problems with REST UI binding installation appeared.

Logging reports: “Initializing handler for thing ‘mqtt:topic:98ffd06b’ takes more than 5000ms.”

Any hints?


Unless you changed things, the invalid Restdocs binding is causing ALL addond to reload every minute, attempting to load the invalid one.
The solution is to shut down openHAB and edit the addons.config (in the userdata firedtory tree) file to remove any invalid configured addons.
You can then restart openHAB and install restdocs from its new location.

Didn’t work as addons.cfg is commented out already. I installed RESTDOCS via Paper UI previously. Somewhere I noticed, that I would have had to remove from MISC it before updating to 2.5.4, unfortunately too late.
Is there a way out of it?

Still there’s a problem with MQTT binding for things, sometimes it is stuck in status “resolve”, sometimes it goes active but the are stuck in status “initializing” in PaperUI.

Not addons.cfg in the config tree. I said addons.config in the userdata tree that is automatically maintained by OH.

Ok, thanks, that helped around Restdocs.

Still a lot of issues with MQTT not working, rules are not reacting at all, mapdb not reacting (takes more than 5000ms log), etc.
Something has changed radically since my last update, so that I’m barely able to find out, what the root cause of all these issues is.

I’m really not a noob with openHAB, using it since years and happy with it, but this was the worst update I ever had.

Did you read the release notes?
There were some new v2 bindings so some v1 bindings got moved to legacy. Perhaps posting your addons.config here can provide assistance.