MQTT Binding is missing (Ubuntu)


i install OpenHAB and Mosquitto on my Ubuntu Bionic Beawer and choose Expert-Mode but there are no MQTT Bindings to add. Where did i do a mistake.

Kind regards

Where are you looking?

Hi rossko,

i looked it up in Paper UI / Bindings. Now, i do not know why: There is a binding to install! It makes me weird! - Try to add Tasmota-Devices,…

Kind regards

If you look under PaperUI Addons Bindings you would find it, there you can instsll/de install.
Under PaperUI Configuration Bindings you can see installed bindings (only version 2 bindings will show here!).

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Hi Jürgen. Thank you. It works.

It was my bad mistake i think. This Problem never happend again.