MQTT Binding is missing

Hi! I’ve set up annew instance of openhab (Openhabian) on a raspberry pi (Version openHAB 2.2.0-1).

I can’t find the MQTT Binding in the instaltion menu as described in the tutorials.

Has anybody a idea what I’m doing wrong?

Can you see any 1.x bindings in Add-ons or only 2.x?
Have you choosed Simple at initial Setup?
MQTT Binding is 1.12.0.SNAPSHOT.


I’m wondering if the same thing happened to me. Please, where can we find and how can we install the snapshot???

In 2.2.0-1 ist is binding-mqtt1 - 1.11.0. If you have a Standard installation, you have nothing to do additional.
What about my questions?

MQTT is “legacy”-binding. this means, you have to tell openHAB to use legacy-bindings:

  1. addons.cfg: legacy = true
  2. PaperUI: Configuration > System “Include Legacy 1.x bindings”

btw: that’s all included in the RTFM:

Hmmm, at least not true for the mqtt binding:


My setup: