MQTT Binding not working since upgrading to OH 2.1

I’ve not been able to get OH to publish or receive from MQTT since upgrading from 2 to 2.1.
I enabled DEBUG logging for the MQTT binding which is version 1.10 and I could see the following entries in the log

[DEBUG] [inding.mqtt.internal.MqttItemBinding] - Publishing command ON to cmd/Lamp/POWER
[DEBUG] [inding.mqtt.internal.MqttItemBinding] - Publishing command OFF to cmd/Lamp/POWER

and yet in MQTT nothing happens. I can use mosquitto_pub -t cmd/Lamp/POWER -m ON | OFF with no issues.

Any ideas?

Check this thread: Openhab not sending command to mqtt after upgrade 2.1

The solution appears to be either to uninstall the MQTT Action, or uninstall/reinstall the MQTT Binding. The first one worked in my case, but you may need to do both.

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You are a star mate. Uninstalling the MQTT Action definitely fixes it. I didn’t actually install the MQTT. Is it installed by default? What does it do anyway?