MQTT Bridge via TLS/SSL with self signed certificates

I searched through the forum, but couldn’t find an answer, or perhaps my knowledge of the topic is so weak, I didn’t realise I found the answers when I did, so apologies if that is the case.

I ordered a PoolSense monitor from Pro Automation. I found out it supports MQTT, so I asked them for the documentation for it. I plan to include it’s metrics into my openHAB system.

They sent me the attached document. I’m now trying to set up a Bridge .thing to connect to their MQTT broker but noticed it uses TLS/SSL with self-signed certificates. Reading through the MQTT Binding documentation, I can see it’s possible to specify the certificate and public hashes, but I can’t seem to figure out how to specify the CA, Client Certificate, and Client Key files.

Is this something that is possible, and if so, can someone please assist me on the right path?


QMS_Poolsense _API doc.pdf (690.9 KB)