Hi everybody,
I am a unix and linux enthusiast for 20 or more years and have a lot of experience in debugging things. But here I come to my limits.

I am using latest stable openhab 2. (How can I find out what is the exact version?)

I installed MQTT Binding like in this video:

This means when using PaperUI

  • Addons->Bindings->MQTT Binding
  • Configuration->Things-> ADD
  • MQTT Binding -> Add Manually
  • MQTT Broker (I have a mosquitto running on the same server)
  • so configured for localhost
  • Saved
    Thing is now showing : Status: OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR Timeout

So what did I do wrong? Why do no log entries show up in openhab.log?
I even set logging for org.openhab to DEBUG

How do I get the error messages, that explain, what is wrong? Where are the log entries?

Thanks for your support!

The karaf console shows the build when you log in.

if you ssh to your openhab, the version is right below the big openhab logo
or openhab-cli info

(latest stable is 2.4.0)

i installed the mqtt embedded broker today and it stayed offline too.
an OH restart helped. maybe clear cache too.

openhab-cli stop
openhab-cli clean-cache
openhab-cli start

Thanks for that.
Yes version is 2.4.0

Thanks so much. That helped.

Still it would be great to know, why I did not see anything in the logs. What do I need to do to activate enough logging?
I already used karaf console to activate DEBUG level, but there was nothing in the logs.

is your setup working now ?
can’t help you with logging, have the same “problem” i don’t see anything regarding mqtt as well.

i tested my mqtt settings with mqtt.fx and was able to connect, subscribe and publish. all looked good. and my mqtt OH setup works now with 2.4 binding. yeeeeha

So after stopping openhab and running
openhab-cli clean-cache
and then restarting openhab it works now.

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My openHAB was working since last one month but yesterday suddenly showed this error “MQTT broker: OFFLINE-COMMUNICATION ERROR” and even mqtt.fx is not connected. I cleared the Cache and tmp file (inside). Please help me what can I do?