MQTT Commands for AOFO 4AC+4USB Tuya Power Strip

Hello together, sinca a few years I’m using Openhab 2. Now I try to impelent an AOFO PowerStrip into my openHAB System.

Until now I flashed the device with Tasmota and I am able to toggle each cannel on the WebIF. The only thing what I need to know is with which commands I can switcht the channels on and off by MQTT.

I have try out some MQTT Strings from other sonoff devices but until now without success.

Switch Light_GF_TV1 “TV” (GF_Living, Info) { mqtt=">[broker:cmnd/sonoff-4ch/POWER1:command:ON:1],>[broker:cmnd/sonoff-4ch/POWER1:command:OFF:0],>[broker:cmnd/sonoff-4ch/STATUS1:command:*:8],<[broker:stat/sonoff-4ch/POWER1:state:default]" }

This binding syntax is from MQTTv1
Which MQTT binding are you using?

There are numerous examples of openHAB integration of tasmota on the forum and on the tasmota site itself.

Thanks a lot for your Feedback. I am using MQTTv1.

I have some other sonoffs which are running very well.
Due to that I take the mqtt string from an other Item and modified it. But the new Aofo (Tuya) device with tasmota doen’t react on the string.

Did you configure Tasmota to fit your device on the Tasmota WebUI?
And did you configure the MQTT part of Tasmota as you have done on your other devices?