MQTT forwarding with openHAB

i have a quite simple requirement:
I get MQTT messages in home/buzzer1. The message reads “PRESSED”.

Now i want to trigger to send a message to home/music/play, the message should be “spotify:artist:ABCDE”
(In behind, i have a buzzer that should trigger a mopidy client)

Is openHAB the right tool for that, or is there a more simple solution?
How would it work with open HAB?
I now have theese items:

Switch Buzzer1 "Buzzer Eins" { mqtt="<[broker:home/buzzer1:command:PRESSED]" }
Switch PlayPlaylist1 {mqtt=">[broker:home/music/play:command:Playlist1:1]"}

But how do i tell them to talk?

Any input would be appreciated.

Hm. Are you using Openhab anyway? Then simply create a rule for this.
If you are not a regular Openhab user anyway, I‘d recommend using node red for this.

The plan was in addition to sending that MQTT message to control philips hue. But as i saw node red provdes that too, and seems much simpler and more straight-forward than openHAB. Will switch to node Red, thanks for pointing into that direction :slight_smile:

Ok, in this case you simply need to install the node-red-contrib-huemagic palette and off you go. Good luck!