MQTT has stopped working. (1,8,0)

Some time during the last day Openhab as stopped receiving data updates over mosquito, I have another raspberry pi running version 1.7 and that is receiving the data updates.

If I type ‘mosquitto_sub -d -h xx.xx.xx.xx -t home/bedroom/temperature’ in the command line I receive back the expected data

in my openhab.cfg file I have


and in my items file I have

Number Temperature_GF_Bed “Temperature [%.1f °C]” (GF_Bed) {mqtt="<[mymosquitto:home/bedroom/temperature:state:default]"}

If I look in the log I see this message

2016-04-17 13:05:54.908 [ERROR] [o.i.t.m.i.MqttBrokerConnection] - MQTT connection to ‘mymosquitto’ was lost: Connection lost : ReasonCode 32109 : Cause : null

How do I get mqtt to start working again?

OK, so just prior to sending the first post I did a
’sudo /etc/init.d/openhab restart’
lo and behold my pi running 1.8 is now receiving updates again.
As a solution is seem just to simple.