MQTT how to define state and command topic in Generic MQTT thing

Platform information:
Hardware: _Windows10 Openhab2 Sonoff wifi switch

I managed to install Mosquitto as a service. Tested it with two command screens and sending topic and working fine.
Also installed the MQTT broker (Online) and the Generic MQTT thing (Online)
Only one small step for mankind :slight_smile:
Need to fill in the MQTT state and command topic.
I have one Sonoff on/off switch working and connected with android app eWElink.
I do not understand how to make the connection to Openhab2 and configure the channel.

Help is appreciated.

You connect the Sonoff switch to OpenHAB through MQTT you need to flash the Sonoff with Tasmota firmware.

If you have a search on Google you will find plenty of information and guides on how to get the Tasmota firmware setup on a Sonoff device.

I’ve just done it to a load of my Sonoff Basic’s without any difficulty.


Thanks. I was missing the flashing part. Thought I didn’t need it. Will do and let you know.
Might take some time.
Have a nice Sunday.