MQTT Issue- new to openhab

Good evening gentlemen and woman

As the topic suggests i have recently took the plunge to set up openhab on a raspberry pi 3.
everything was going fantastic until i installed the mqtt binding and was following this guide to set it up.

I have mqtt fx installed on my windows computer and im trying to follow the guide in testing a demo switch. I can connect to the broker on the pi but doesnt seem to publish on openhab.

Can anybody please give me some advice/guidance

Thank you in advance

Assuming you did configure your mqtt.cfg file properly, and you have also installed moquitto with clients, can you try running this at your pi terminal to see if your broker receiving messages?

`mosquitto_sub -t /your/topic/here

When this is running, submit a request from mqtt FX to the pi to see of it is received. Let us know what you see.

I had one character wrong in mqtt.cfg file! Thank you very much for your help