MQTT items and paper UI

hi, I have openhab2 finally working with mqtt and can display items in basicui using a sitemap, but I cannot find any way of displaying items form mqtt binding in paper UI, is it even possible?

Yes, mine are there, I did not do anything “special” to have them showing up there :grin:


Switch Garage_LED_Red {mqtt=">[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/12:command:ON:0],>[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/12:command:OFF:1]"}
Switch Garage_LED_Green {mqtt=">[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/13:command:ON:0],>[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/13:command:OFF:1]"}
Switch Garage_LED_Blue {mqtt=">[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/15:command:ON:0],>[mosquitto:/esp8266two/gpio/15:command:OFF:1]"}

yes, I can see them in Configurations->Items tab, but I don’tsee any way to use them in PaperUI or add them to Control tab. Is Paper UI just an administration-configuration UI and you’re supposed to rely on old sitemap based ui to actually control switches, read sensor values and so on?

Klick on an item and you are able to configure it:


No. You may use BasicUI http://<openhab_ip>:8080/basicui/app or
ClassicUI http://<openhab_ip>:8080/classicui/app
to show your items or switch them to different states.

Read more here: and

great, all is much more clear now. thanks for your help

was wondering is it possible to configure items from paper UI ? where do you enter the channel mqtt configs

Yes, for 2.x binding items.

MQTT is a 1.x binding and you have to configure it through text files …

Edit: if you configure items through text files, you cannot edit them through PaperUI and vica versa … so my answer in post #4 is partly wrong!