MQTT Items Not Showing in UI

I recently added my first MQTT items. The binding works, and I am seeing state changes from Mosquitto. I am even able to publish commands and get state changes in a HabPanel widget, so I know that OH is, at least, partially configured correctly.

I don’t, however, see the items on the PaperUI, Basic UI, or HABmin. I thought that adding them in the my items file would cause them to populate in the UI. Watching the log confirms that it is reading the file and picking up the items every time I save.

Am I expecting it to do something that it doesn’t or am I missing some config step?

Yeah MQTT binding isn’t a v2 binding. You have to manually create a sitemap with what you’ve put in the items file.

To elaborate on @psyciknz’s answer…

There are four End User Interfaces (BasicUI, ClassicUI, HABpanel, and ComitVisu) and two Administration Interfaces (PaperUI and Habmin).

The AIs are not intended to be used by end users (e.g. your significant other, house guests, etc) and are intended to help you configure and manage your OH overall. One could argue that Habmin could be both but for our purposes here let’s just treat it as an AI.

The EUIs are intended to be day-to-day operator interfaces for your home automation. You cannot configure your OH through an EUI. EUIs ONLY operate on Items.

Now the AIs are strictly able to process, manage, and interact with OH 2.x bindings. Since MQTT is a 1.x version binding the AIs are unable to interact with them.

The EUIs strictly operate on Items and they must be manually configured. For BasicUI, you must add the Items to a .sitemap file for it to appear on the UI. HABpanel is able to create the UI in your browser, but you still have to create it yourself.

So, the MQTT Items cannot be controlled from PaperUI because PaperUI only lets you control Things. MQTT being a 1.x binding, there are no Things. HABmin should be able to send commands to MQTT Items, but you cannot modify the Items through HABmin.

And they don’t appear on BasicUI because you need to create a .sitemap to show them. By default, if there is no sitemap, BasicUI will show a default one listing all the Things. But MQTT, being a 1.x binding, has no Things.