MQTT JsonPath Transformation - Sonoff Tasmota

Hi… i have a Sonoff TH10 with a SI7021 sensor, that works great, and the switch in it works fine from openhab / habpanel, but I have some problems with getting temperature and humidity into habpanel, my sonoff outputs this:

09:40:46 MQT: tele/th01/SENSOR = {“Time”:“2018-06-10T09:40:46”,“SI7021”:{“Temperature”:23.8,“Humidity”:52.6},“TempUnit”:“C”}

and my times file looks like this:

Switch udestue1 "udestue1" <light> (Sonoff)
    { mqtt=">[broker:cmnd/th01/POWER:command:*:default],
            <[broker:stat/th01/POWER:state:default]" }    

Number	th01_temp		"TH01 Temperatur[%.2f °C]"		<temperature>	(Sonoff)
Number	th01_humi		"TH01 Humidity[%d %%]"			<humidity>	(Sonoff)

Switch works, so no problems there, but my temp and humidity sensor, only returns “NULL” to habpanel, I have searched and searched, but not find the right way yet, I have installed the JsonPath Transformation, but can’t figure out, if I have to do something with the transformation, or it only needs to be installed…? or if there is somethings else wrong…

The only difference to my setup is the missing space between “{” and “mqtt”.
Other then that I’m out of clues.

Yes, add space after the { and before the }

Thanks Both of you… so simple… and have struggled with it fore hours…

Good. Please mark the thread as solved.