MQTT Message Display

I have chosen to create a new Topic after having not found an answer to my question here.

I would like HABpanel to report something different to its default for an Item status. To explain, I have this as my Item:
Switch livRm_blind1 "RollerBlind 1 " <rollershutter> { mqtt="<[localbrokerrb:Blind1_esp/posn:state:default],>[localbrokerrb:Blind1/cmd:command:ON:DOWN],>[localbrokerrb:Blind1/cmd:command:OFF:UP]" }

which in HABpanel shows either ON or OFF as status.
My mqtt commands instruct a roller blind to go “UP” or “DOWN” and I would like HABpanel to show the status accordingly instead of OFF or ON. The transform file contains:
With the Item being defined as type Switch do I need to define another Item that can just display the mqtt message i.e. “UP” or “DOWN” or is there another way? Maybe a dummy widget in HABpanel?

So I have added a String type Item:
String livRMStr_blind1 "RollerBlind 1 [%s]" { mqtt="<[localbrokerrb:Blind1_esp/posn:state:default]" }

and get a text response in HABPanel “UP” or “DOWN” as hoped.
Problem solved but is there a better way?

You are aware of the fact that there is an item type call Rollershutter that accepts (or generates) UP and DOWN commands?

I am not shure how this is rendered in HABpanel, but I suspect that by using this item type (instead of the Switch item type) you could get away without any mapping and/or transformations…

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