MQTT move from 1x seems impossible

Looking for some help here. When I upgraded/rebuilt my OpenHAB set up, Ive lost almost ALL of my MQTT setups. I have several Items which are set up as strings (my blinds, and a few lights which work like old school 3 way lights -LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH) and I cant get the new set up to work. My issue is apparently there is now a transformation required which really throws a monkey wrench in my works.

Heres my items. (both my blinds and lights use the same command/state structure).

String blindrecroom "Blinds [%s] " <blind> (Bsmt_Rec)  {mqtt=">[mosquitto:recroom/blind/setting:command:Open:90],>[mosquitto:recroom/blind/setting:command:Close:5],>[mosquitto:recroom/blind/setting:command:Closeup:150],>[mosquitto:recroom/blind/setting:command:Half:45],<[mosquitto:recroom/blind/status:state:default]"}
String blindoffice "Blinds [%s] " <blind> (FF_Office)  {mqtt=">[mosquitto:office/blind/setting:command:Open:90],>[mosquitto:office/blind/setting:command:Close:5],>[mosquitto:office/blind/setting:command:Closeup:150],>[mosquitto:office/blind/setting:command:Half:45],<[mosquitto:office/blind/status:state:default]"}
String blindfamilyrm "Blinds [%s] " <blind> (FF_Living)  {mqtt=">[openhabmqtt:familyrm/blind/setting:command:Open:90],>[openhabmqtt:familyrm/blind/setting:command:Close:5],>[openhabmqtt:familyrm/blind/setting:command:Closeup:150],>[openhabmqtt:familyrm/blind/setting:command:Half:45],<[openhabmqtt:familyrm/blind/status:state:default]"}

And on the sitemap there are 3-4 buttons. I dont use the slider on these.

Im able to get my simple on/off switches and temperature/humidity sensors working with the ‘new’ configuration, but am stumped on the blinds.

How can I get these to work again?


You’ve not lost any of your Items. You just need to reinstall the MQTT 1 binding. You may need to enable “Show Legacy 1.x bindings” in the System configuration section in PaperUI to get it to show up under add-ons.

Why? It seems pretty straight forward to me.

Create a Channel and configure your incoming topic for the State Topic and your outgoing topic for the Command Topic.

Then create a simple .map file with:


Then apply that transform to the outgoing transform. NOTE: You should be using OH 2.5 M1 as there are a number of bugs in 2.4 and I don’t think outgoing transforms were available in 2.4.