MQTT not working on OH2


Basic overview of my installation is as follows:

  • OH2 running on WIN7 64 Bit
  • Mosquitto running on same box

Firstly, OH2 is running well with the z-wave binding so I don’t think there are any basic issues with OH2.

Mosquitto is also running ok, as I am able to publish and subscribe from other computers on my network. I am also seeing regular ping activity from the other devices but nothing from OH2

I have loaded both the latest 1.9.0 versions of the MQTT binding and transport into the addons directory. I have also configured the following files:



I have tried every option I can think of to try to get openHAB to talk to the mqtt broker.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated as I have now wasted a full day trying to solve this. Hopefully I am missing something simple.


Further to my last message, I just did a complete and fresh install of OH2 and it looks like I now have MQTT running.

Now just need to work on syntax for my items.