MQTT outbound

Hi, I have a problem with a switch and outbound message. I have read a lot of documentation but nothing.
MQTT inbound message works like a charm.
But I if create new Item:

Switch mqttsw1 "ProvaSwitch" (HCSR) {mqtt=">[mosquitto:ab123/XBEE_A/request:command:ON:'ciao'],>[mosquitto:ab123/XBEE_A/request:command:OFF:'ciao0']"}

In the log there is: Loaded MQTT config for item ‘mqttsw1’ : 0 subscribers, 2 publishers
Nothing happens (no log, no message received to mosquito client, …) if I change the switch state.
Any idea?


I have tried now the Android app and if I change the switch state, I log it and I receive a mosquitto message.
From Habmin nothing…

I can’t solve your specific problem but you could move to an unbound switch and use the MQTT Actions to send the messages. That might give you more information and/or give you something else to experiment with.

The binding config looks right to me.

Rich’s idea to use the publish action in a rule is a good one.

I don’t normally use the single quotes in the outbound message part of the config. Is that documented and known to work?

You might want to open an issue against Habmin then, unless @chris has an idea…