MQTT owntracks OH2

Is it possible to use a port other than 1883 or 8883 with OH2?
I have set the port to 1885 in mosquito and receive posts from owntracks within a mosquito log. But if I set the port to 1885 in the mqtt.cfg, nothing seems to connect between OH2 and mosquito

I thought all ports above 1024 were open to openhab so I don’t know why using a different port would be a problem?
Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Well my internal mqtt broker uses 1883 but I port forward it to the world as 31883, and external mqtt clients and owntracks can reach it ok. Is your mqtt broker on your intranet or on the cloud?

Thanks. It’s is all on my internal network.
So I have an oh1 setup which works very well and I don’t want to switch
that off until my new server is fully up and running with OH2 and migrating
is an arduous task. So I was just going to try mosquitto on a different
port as both systems will be running at the same time initially. But I just
can’t get any messages in to OH2

Why don’t you just point them to the same broker?