MQTT persistence does not reconnect when internet is down

My problem is simple.
I have OH 2.3,
Installed in a RPi with OpenHABIAN default configuration,
Have configured an SSL MQTT persistence through /service/mqtt-persistence.cfg and /mqtt.cfg to a cloud MQTTservice outside of the local LAN.
So the problem is that MQTT persistence stops sending data when internet connection drops but does not start again when the internet connection is back up. The only way I fix it is by restarting OpenHAB
Let me point out that RPi is still connected to the local LAN (through ethernet) the whole time. I have done the test with unpluging the cable and this problem does not appear. MQTT persistence is reinitiated immediately after I plug the cable back in.

Is there a solution to that without creating a script/rule that checks for internet connection status and reboots if the status is “reconnected”?