MQTT problem on PI restart in OH2.5

Hello community,
I have the following issue on OH 2.5 (latest patch) running on RPi with Openhabian.

One month ago I installed the Mosquitto broker using openhabian-config, then the MQTT binding using Paper UI, and connected some sensors. All worked fine till today. I also added the MQTT binding in the add-on configuration file addons.cfg.

  1. I needed to restart RPI and then OH and Mosquitto restarded regurlaly but the MQTT Broker thing gave error because it could not connect ti broker. The error in log was: ‘mqtt:systembroker:mosquitto’ changed from offline to offline (communication_error): localhost:1883: name or service not known
    Anyway the broker was up and running. After many trials (restart, cancel and recreate things, remove binding from Paper UI and file, cache cleaning) I managed to restart it by removing the binding from Paper UI, remove the binding from addons.cfg, restarting and adding the binding again using Paper UI: if I add it by addons.cfg file it does not work. why? any idea.

  2. Now all works fine, the sensors messages arrive in OH but I have this strange message repeating every minute in the log:
    [INFO ] [.reconnect.PeriodicReconnectStrategy] - Try to restore connection to ‘localhost:1883’. Next attempt in 60000ms
    [.transport.mqtt.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting MQTT broker connection to ‘localhost:1883’ with clientid 2dd5c773-154c-430a-9edd-ccb2835fe0b8

Is it a problem? How can I fix it?
I checked the logs of the last month but before issue 1 I never experienced it.

Best regards

What was the reason for taking that second action? Adding via PaperUI is enough. No need to change the cfg file.

Not a problem per se, just something poorly configured. Do you have two Bridge/Broker Things defined connecting to Mosquitto? How have you defined your Things? UI or files?

If it was already installed, why did you do that??

It may see that as an invalid addon & try to reload it every minute, reloading all your addons.