MQTT Problem with Sensors "Reads"

edit - found my solution i had to choose string and now it works


i Installed Openhab 3 and Mosquito as Docker Containers, everything is connected and working.
So i started to add some Wlan Sockets ( NOUS A1 with Tasmota installed), i wars able to get the On/Off working.
Now i wanna “install” other Stats like e.g. Power / Uptime …
But i think i do something wrong her.

I add Screenshots about my config

Here are the Stats i want like Sensor → ENERGY → Total
Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-28 um 16.56.23

So i created a Channel (under my Socket Thing)

and then a item - with the JSON but i get NULL as result (i used total her because there is a definitely a reading (see picture 1)) - and i think somewhere here is my mistake…