Mqtt publish help for a lazy idiot

I have binary mqtt data going left and right. I need to PUBLISH a mqtt number (watchdog to check for communications ok)
Number watchdog “watchdog master [%.1f]” (MS_Misc) {mqtt=">[main:/home/watchdog:state:default:*]"}

does not work. Can someone supply me with a paste from their items that publishes a mqtt number? Sorry for being so stupid and lazy.

According to the wiki, the format is:

Item itemName {mqtt="<direction>[<broker>:<topic>:<type>:<trigger>:<transformation>]" }

which in your example would be

Number watchdog "watchdog master [%.1f]" (MS_Misc) {mqtt=">[main:/home/watchdog:state:*:default]"}

The * and default needed to be swapped. The above item means:

whenever the numeric state of the item (watchdog) is updated, regardless of what it is (*), publish a string representation of the number unmodified (default) to the broker (main) as defined in openhab.cfg, to the MQTT topic (/home/watchdog).