MQTT RGB Preset Commands Selection

Hey, guys need help to send RGB values to an Arduino via MQTT.

Below are a few of my items. I have a color picker for LivSoffitLight and it works. I want to use a selection item for go to some preset colors.

When I watch my MQTT broker I am getting the Value # from LivSoffitLightColor2 on the MQTT, however, I need to convert the selection # to RGB values.

Ie. When I select Red on the selection I get a #2 at the MQTT topic Mosquitto:Lighting/Accent_1/Color. However, I need the value to be "255,0,0"
Any help would be great.

I’m not sure if I need to do this with a rule. I have tried a Transition map, however, didn’t seem to make the output different.


String LivSoffitLightColor "Accent Lighting 1" {mqtt=">[Mosquitto:Lighting/Accent_1/Color:state:*:${state}]"}
Color LivSoffitLight "LivSoffitLight" <colorpicker>

Number	LivSoffitLight2 "RGB Presets" 
String	LivSoffitLightColor2 "RGB Presets" {mqtt=">[Mosquitto:Lighting/Accent_1/Color:command:*:default}


// Accent Lighting Only
Frame label="Accent-Lighting" {
Colorpicker item=LivSoffitLight icon="colorpicker"
Text item=TestMQTT label="On / Off" icon="switch"
Selection item=LivSoffitLight2 label="Preset Color" icon="colorpicker" mappings=[1="Off",2="Red", 3="Orange", 4="Yellow", 5="Green", 6="Cyan", 7="Light-Blue", 8="Blue", 9="Magenta", 10="Purple", 11="White"]