Mqtt Rollershutter 0 0 100

Hi. I have a problem with the new mqtt version. Unfortunately, I just don’t know exactly the version because I’m not at home but it’s a fresh installation. I’m trying to set up a Rollershutter thing. The problem is, for up/stop/down the payload is 0/0/100… How can I change the payload? I need shutter1up/shutter1stop/shutter1down. The thing can not distinguish between 0 and 0 for up and stop. :wink:

Greetz Hendrik

We need way more information.

  • OH Version
  • Thing definition
  • Item definition
  • Relevant Rules and sitemap entries

First I tried OH V2.4.0. Now I’m on 2.5.0m6. What do you mean with thing and definition? I don’t have any rules or sitemaps yet. I created the things with the paper ui. That worked but unfortunately it sends only 0/0/100 instead of up/stop/down.

Then show that. That’s the “Thing definition”.

These are my settings

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Create a .map file that maps the numbers to the String you want to send and apply it to the outgoing transformation.

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