MQTT send multiple command per same status

Hello, I have a RollerShutter item with 3 states (UP,DOWN,STOP) and I’m controlling it using SonOff Dual relay.
My goal is to create a SW interlocking embedding the MQTT command straight in the item, let only 1 Relè been enable.

I’m struggling to understand how can I pass 2 MQTT command at the same time into Item turning RL1 ON and RL2 OFF

Rollershutter itemname "labeltext" (group)  {mqtt=">[openhab:/openhab/RL1:command:UP:1],.....

How can I send same time RL1 = 1 AND RL2 = 0 when Rollershutter item UP command is selected?


I’d create a “proxy” item, that you control via the UI and then a rule that if said item receives command then set the values of the “real” items that are then sent via MQTT.

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