MQTT sendCommand(100) sending 100,000000 after last update

Hi everybody,
I am experiencing an odd behave since the last update a few days ago.
I use a fhem installation to control my DUOFern devices (accepting only int values).
I send an integer value with item.sendCommand(100) to MQTT and MQTTfx shows 100,000000 as the value which is not working at the subscriber side of the game.
My installation worked until a few days ago. I updated openHABian at that day only…


Number Rollo_EG_WZ_GFenster_position			"Position: [%d %%]"							<rollershutter>		{channel="mqtt:topic:mybroker:Rollo_EG_WZ_GFenster:position"}
String REGWZGF_Pos								"Positionen"								<rollershutter>
Switch REGWZGF_Stop								"Stop senden"													{channel="mqtt:topic:mybroker:Rollo_EG_WZ_GFenster:stop"}


rule "REGWZGF Position" // EG großes Wohnzimmerfenster
		Item vS_REGWZGF received command
		switch receivedCommand 
			case "open": {Rollo_EG_WZ_GFenster_position.sendCommand(0)}
			case "close": {Rollo_EG_WZ_GFenster_position.sendCommand(100)}
			case "stop": {REGWZGF_Stop.sendCommand(ON)}


Switch		item=vS_REGWZGF			label="Position"		mappings=["open"="Öffnen", "close"="Schließen"]
Text								label=""				icon=""
Slider		item=Rollo_EG_WZ_GFenster_position		label="Position"		

It does not matter if I choose an option of the switch item or I use the slider… every value will be logged as an integer in the logs but sent to MQTT as float (even a 0 will be 0,000000).

Does anybody know how to come back to integer?

Thanks a million!

I do not use roller shutters but what happens if you change this part

Number Rollo_EG_WZ_GFenster_position			"Position: [%d %%]"	


Number Rollo_EG_WZ_GFenster_position			"Position: [%d ]"	

omitting the two %%?

That wouldn’t change the value that the binding sees and sends.

Is the value always between 0 and 100? If so, use a Dimmer instead of a Number. Dimmer stores a PrecentType which forces integers.

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As many topics as I’ve read I should have known that. :unamused:

Starting to think I need to get some roller shutters :grin: just to test with as it seems a hot topic in the community.

As always thanks for helping me help and keeping me stright. :grinning:

That makes the difference!!
Thanks so much!

If you use Paper UI for the channel definition, you can also change the attribute “Outgoing value format” to “%0.f” of the channel.

Hi Ulf,
if I am able to avoid config GUIs with text based files, I do so (in this I am a bit of a conservative, old fashioned guy :sunglasses:). Text based files usually offering much more flexibility.
But as far as I understand the “&d” should do the same in text based configurations… or do I miss something here?

Thanks to all of you for supporting me!

to define my Items in files I’m old fashioned too, but not for the mqtt things, but everyone his :grinning:
I tested %d in my Paper UI configuration and it works the same way there.
I think the two variants are comparable.

Have a nice sunday!