MQTT-Server (cloud) lost notification (rule-based)?

Dear all,
i occationally have the situation that MQTT-connections (binding) to external servers are lost…not sure why, but is there a possibiltiy to trigger a rule that reacts on lost MQTT connection to the broker server?

Kind Regards

You can trigger a rule based on thing status change and you can also disable / enable a thing within a rule via rest API, what would trigger a discount and reconnect to the mqtt server

ah, thanks Matze.
I was not aware that Things also have state and can be checked within rules. Will have to look deeper. I only want to be informed so that i can manually reset the system.

Is there a way to simply restart the MQTT binding to re-connect all bridges and the rest can stay untouched?
Kind Regards

You should only have to reconnect the bridge (1 bridge per server) and not all individual mqtt things.