MQTT set up problems

I have been having problems setting up a test for mqtt. this is that I have at the moment (please bear with me as I am new to all of this)

My Items has:
Number LivingTemp “Living Temp [%.2f C]” {mqtt="<[mosquitto:/1/2:state:default]"}

My sitemap has
Text item=Livingtemp

my mqtt.cfg has

and I have downloaded the binding using the paper UI.

I have been using MQTT.fx to send a reading “23” to /1/2 but it will so up on openhab, I can get it so show on the pi that I am running openhabian on by mosquito_sub to /1/2.

Can anyone help?

Case sensitive! Must be LivingTemp if that is how your item is defined. Also /1/2 might need to be 1/2 but maybe not!

thank you watou, I have corrected that and tried altering to 1/2 but that has not solves the issue

mosquitto is misspelled in item definition.

mosquitto misspelled in mqtt.cfg


"Living Temp [%.2f C]

you also seem to be missing a



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Thanks, I have made the changes but still cant get it to work. is it just the 1 mqtt binding I need to download or is that what I am missing?

If you installed the MQTT Binding via the Paper UI, that should be the only thing you need (doing so should handle other dependencies). You would have to share your corrected .items and .cfg again for others to check.

Did you install the mqtt binding via the PaperUI or via the addons.cfg file?

If you installed via PaperUI, make sure your addons.cfg has the binding line commented out (or that you have no addons.cfg file at all) else it will uninstall every time you restart.

I have added it via the paper ui and the addons.cfg file. I will try removing the mqtt in the addons file and try again. I will also copy by items files ect and my log,

Post also the output of the config:property-list command in karaf console:


1) "ssh openhab@localhost -p 8101" with password: habopen
2) config:edit org.openhab.mqtt
3) config:property-list

To check what has been stored in the OH2 system. Maybe there is a stale config in there.

Your log shows that the connection from OH2 to the MQTT broker is established correctly?