MQTT - Sonoff Dual w/ Tasmota, OH controls Sonoff fine, OH does not receive stat updates

Pi 3 B+; OH2, Mosquitto, Sonoff Dual /w tasmota. Installed and configured MQTT in simple mode.

Using OH, with Paper UI or Basis or HABPanel, I can control the 2 switches just fine. I did notice that when I rebooted my Pi the Sonoff Sw appears to be on and it’s not. Tap it, to turn it on, then turn it off all is back to normal until I reboot. Then I noticed if I used the web app to the sonoff (which works well) that OH does not get updates of the status state. The sonoff console shows the proper transaction. I did the retain and no retain function on the sonoff, no luck. Seem that OH is not listening.

I watched several videos on MQTT, read allot of conflicting Internet documentation and getting more confused as I proceed.

Could someone just point me in a direction I need to focus on?

Thanks in advance.

I guess your state topic is something like: stat/sonoff_1/POWER
Such message is sent only when a command was received.

Tasmota does sent messages including the POWER state regularly, subscribing to:
tele/sonoff_1/STATE will bring the information to your system.
Using that message, you will get updates according the time schedule.

Additionally you could use persistence in order to restore the state before a restart.

As found in the Sonoff console and what I placed in the Channel def is "stat/sonoff/power1
" as is the command def “cmnd/sonoff/power1”. My understanding the device should update OH when states change. I haven’t tackled “persistence” yet. I am new at this trying to focus on one thing at a time.