MQTT support for iOS/Android app

Hi there.
I know that iOS Openhab app works using REST api. But did someone think to add support for MQTT connection? In this case using cloud Broker all remote access connection problems with OH could be easily solved. we could download Sitemaps over some configration topic and MQTT event bus transport binding is just fine for all items.
I like design of OH app, but I think current remote access using my.openhab is too complicated.

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I don’t believe you need to use my openhab hosted service to do remote access. You can use a simple Auth proxy. I’ve heard rumblings that the my openhab service has been flaky, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the underlying software design needs to be reworked. Could be any number of reasons.

MQTT could certainly work in lieu of the sse endpoint for streaming events, but trying to cram a request response pattern into a pubsub protocol like MQTT would be adding extra complexity.