MQTT thing setup with json HELP!

Update, I have got working data coming to my sitemap now but using just Json. Which like @tommycw10 said it is showing warning on the log. But least for now it is working untill I find a fix :grinning:

i tryed your configuration with my cannels and items and it is working, i surly have no idea

I have revisited this today and still having no luck. i can only put it down to me running openhab with bugs.

I have just ordered a new raspberry pi 4 and will be starting to migrate to openhab3.
i will try on that ad get back with an update.

Having an issue here getting the regex configured. on openhab3.0 now on a raspberry pi 4 so thought i would try and get it all working without errors regarding the tranformations.

tele/Zigbee_Bridge/Living_Room_Sensor/SENSOR = {"ZbReceived":{"Living_Room_Sensor":{"Device":"0xCD15","Name":"Living_Room_Sensor","Temperature":20.74,"Endpoint":1,"LinkQuality":50}}}

so this is the output of the zigbee bridge. how would a regex transformation look if i was currently setup like like.

Type number : temperature        [ stateTopic="tele/Zigbee_Bridge/Living_Room_Sensor/SENSOR",  transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.ZbReceived.Living_Room_Sensor.Temperature" ]

would love to get the info correctly with out popping up errors when the other data ie humity isnt sent all the time.

Make sure you have installed the REGEX Transformation Service.

Type number : temperature [
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worked a treat thank you