MQTT Thing String channel with commands

I’m trying to operated on my vms with an mqtt service I’ve adapted for used.
I’m trying to get a string channel to accept and use multiple values.
The run time values are Off, Paused, Running.
The commands however are:
to Pause

To Run

So I’ve got this:

Type string 	: state		"Machinestate"		[            
      Running="resume,mymachine"  ]

ANd on screen it looks ok with a nice selection drop down with the allowed states. But no matter what I set the desired state to the mqtt command is just the Allowed state value:

iotlink/workgroup/host/hyper-v/operate Running
iotlink/workgroup/host/hyper-v/operate Paused

Can I do what I want, or should i alter the message structure?

ideally I’d change the message structure to


But the mqtt thing I’m using doesn’t seem to allow me to subscribe to
iotlink/workgroup/host/hyper-v/operate/+ else I wouldn’t be having to do it this way.

This is just made-up syntax and will be ignored.

It looks like you want to transform an openHAB command string to a different MQTT payload string?
Use transformationPatternOut for that.
A MAP transform should do the job here.

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