MQTT v1 Binding - How to install on OH2.5

Hi all,

I’m an OH user for many years since v1.

With the release of OH3 I want to do a migration path for my home setup.
For this I want to install a backup server in order to have a working system in a few minutes if i made some error in the migration.
So i have installed a linux VM with OH2.5 and want to reply my working configuration from the production system.
But i got stuck in the MQTTv1 Biding install. For some reason I cannot install it.

I have enabled the legacy bindings in paper UI
I have installed the OH addons
And when search on PaperUI bindings it does not appear. Only MQTT v2.

If I add mqq1 in addons.cfg the log shows the following:
2021-06-12 08:33:39.079 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing ‘openhab-binding-mqqt1’

Also for some reason I cannot find the jar file online.

Can you please provide any clue please :smiley:



I downloaded the legacy kar file to


After this the binding appeared in the Paper UI

Thanks to all.

May I ask why you prefer to install v1 over v2 ?
Using v2 would be the first step of migration to OH3 as v1 is not available for OH3.

The error message has a strange spelling

is this copied from the original error message or did you type it manually ?
Is there anything else behind this error message like a hint that mvn access does not work ?
If yes this should help: openHAB 2.5.x and the sunset of Bintray


you’ll need legacy kar

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I completely agree with you. But i need time to move to OH3. Need to understand it better. OH2 is stable and now I have to many automations in the system. Cannot have the risk to be without system for more than a day.

And yes, i’ve copied the error message from log file. Although i had made many changes in the configuration so maybe it is because of that.

Thaks for your comments

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Hi Guys,

I am in the a similar situation (OH 2.5 on my intended backup system) , however I am using openhabian and installation of mqtt 1.x fails.

Anyone can guide me

  1. If procedure for openhabian to use mqtt 1.x is the same?

  2. if yes, where to find the *.kar file? The link above to file doesnt work anymore.

Many thanks in advance!!


seems that OH2 online docs - Download pages omit addons-legacy.kar · Issue #297 · openhab/website · GitHub is not solved.
Use MQTT v2 instead of v1

… found it:

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