MQTT v1 binding still required?

I upgraded to OH2.5 a couple of days ago, and after cleaning up my invalid addons, which included removing the old MQTTv1 binding, my MQTT devices stopped working. In the previous versions, both v1 and v2 bindings were required.
If one looks at the documentation now for the V1 binding, you will find that it says it’s obsolete, and to use the V2 binding. I reinstalled the V1 binding, and my MQTT items work. Either the documentation is wrong, or I’m using MQTT wrong.

You can still use the 1.x version, as you have noticed. You can also have both installed and working in your setup.

I do recommend installing 2.x and start moving your 1.x items over b/c at some point 1.x may stop working e.g. OH3. The 2.x version is also much nicer IMHO.

It’s depending on your configuration :slight_smile:

Okay, I missed the notice about how to use MQTT v2, so in essence, yes, I’m doing it wrong.

This is the post that I needed to know explaining the difference, and how I would migrate.

@brianmichalk: here are two topic’s that I think you will find helpful. First one has examples of 1.x items and what it look like with 2.x

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In most setups v1 and v2 will not work together. You have to decide.

I running OH 2.5 and still have one maybe two devices that are using mqtt 1.x, everything else is on 2.x.