MQTT Warn messages after OH update

Pi4b, OH 2.5.10-1
After OH update I suddenly get for a few of my tasmota/homeassistant devices WARN messages in the log, like this some for HASS_STATE some for STATE. Any idea why?

2020-12-07 18:16:15.824 [WARN ] [.incoming.MqttIncomingPublishService] - No publish flow registered for MqttStatefulPublish{stateless=MqttPublish{topic=tele/O-Basic12/HASS_STATE, payload=324byte, qos=AT_MOST_ONCE, retain=false}, packetIdentifier=-1, dup=false, topicAlias=0, subscriptionIdentifiers=[]}.

Have you solved the problem? As a freshman, I also face this problem. I hope you can help me

No sorry couldn´t solve, also nobody else seems to know what causes these stupid log entries

Thank you for your reply. I’ve solved my problem, but I don’t know if my problem is the same as yours.
I just change my command topic that’s for receiving “payload” from IOT platform to state topic.

Oh cool, can you please share with us how and what you did to remove these stupid payload messages/warnings

Just get right "get command topic from IOT platform " and set it’s to state topic at openhab!