Mqtt won't work correctly

Hi guys,

I used basicly the code from bartus here to set up a ledstrip. But unfortonaly the mqtt-messages won#t come trough.
The log says that the mosquitto server is up and running:

2019-02-17 11:30:56.467 [INFO ] [] - MQTT Service initialization completed.

2019-02-17 11:30:56.472 [INFO ] [t.mqtt.internal.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting MQTT broker connection 'pinguinbau'    

my .itmes

    String Leinwand_oben "Leinwand" {mqtt=">[broker:home/LeinwandUp/set:state:*:default]"}
Switch Leinwand_oben_Power "Leinwand AN/AUS" (Status){mqtt=">[broker:home/LeinwandUp/set:command:*:MAP(]"}
Number Leinwand_oben_FX "Leinwand Fx" (Status){mqtt=">[broker:home/LeinwandUp/set:command:*:MAP(]"}
Color Leinwand_oben_Color "Leinwand Farbe"	<rgb>	(Status)
Number Leinwand_oben_Speed "Leinwand Speed [%.0f]"		(Status)
Number Leinwand_oben_Intensity "Leinwand Intensity [%d]" (Status)    

my .rules:
rule “LED Strip Leinwand JSON Color”
when Item Leinwand_oben_Color received update
then Leinwand_oben.sendCommand("{“color”: {" +
"“r”: " + (Leinwand_oben_Color.state as HSBType).red + “,” +
"“g”: " + (Leinwand_oben_Color.state as HSBType).green + “,” +
"“b”: " + (Leinwand_oben_Color.state as HSBType).blue + “}}”) end

rule “LED Strip Leinwand JSON Speed”
when Item Leinwand_oben_Speed received update
then Leinwand_oben.sendCommand("{“transition”: “” + Leinwand_oben_Speed.state + “”}") end

rule “LED Strip Leinwand JSON Intensity”
when Item Leinwand_oben_Intensity received update
then Leinwand_oben.sendCommand("{“brightness”:" + Leinwand_oben_Intensity.state + “}”) end
and my sitemap part:

	Frame label="Leinwand" {
Switch item=Leinwand_oben
			Selection item=Leinwand_oben_FX mappings=[1="BPM",2="Noise",3="Fire",4="Rainbow",5="Twinkle",6="Glitter",7="Solid",8="Sinelon",9="Juggle",10="Confetti",11="Dots",12="Lightning",13="Candy Cane",14="Cyclon Rainbow",15="Ripple",16="Christmas Alternate",17="Police All",18="Police One",19="Random Stars",20="Sine Hue"] 
			Colorpicker item=Leinwand_oben_Color
			Setpoint item=Leinwand_oben_Speed minValue=5 maxValue=240 step=5
			Setpoint item=Leinwand_oben_Intensity minValue=0 maxValue=255 step=16

The esp is working and connecting fine so far:

11:34:03.084 -> 

11:34:03.084 -> Connecting to Pinguinbau
11:34:03.704 -> …
11:34:07.500 -> WiFi connected
11:34:07.500 -> IP address:
11:34:07.500 ->
11:34:07.500 -> Ready
11:34:07.500 -> IP Address:
11:34:07.500 -> Attempting MQTT connection…connected
11:34:07.534 -> Setting LEDs:
11:34:07.534 -> r: 0, g: 0, b: 0

I checked everything twice but I dont find the problem, may you see any?

Thanks a lot!

Which MQTT binding are you using? The code posted points to the old MQTT 1 binding.

Yes I use the old mqtt 1.x binding.
When i subscribe with mqtt.fx to the broker I get a Message everytime the esp connects. But I wont get one when I send a command from openhab, I think there is the problem located but I dont know where…

I would raise the log level of MQTT to DEBUG and restart, that way you will hopefully get a clue.
The MQTT1binding doesn’t show wether things are online, which would help in locating the error.

Okay, thank you! I will trx that and see what I get!