MQTT2 - sendCommand not working

I have defined a text variable for sending information to the broker. I think the configuration is correct as I can send strings to the broker with papareUI when clicking the checkmark.
In rules im using “mqttvariable.sendCommand(‘myText’)”.The text in PaperUI is updated but it is not sent to the broker.
Am I missing something?

Why don’t you post the complete rule together with the definition of your mqtt-things (either the .things file entries or the PpaerUI settings)? Without that any answer will be guesswoerk!

my fault: didn’t really change the “postUpdate” to a “sendCommand” - as it is now required

As it has always been required.
The sendCommand kicks the binding into action
The postUpdate only updates the state of the item in OH

Well, it was possible to configure an outgoing MQTT binding to fire on state as well as command.


type ‘state’ or ‘command’. Indicates whether the receiving of a status update or command triggers the sending of an outbound message.

One could argue, and I would agree, doing so would be incorrect. But it was allowed.

Yes I know, but that’s about the ONLY binding that allowed that