Mqttitude and new Owntracks version

Hi folks,

I’ve the latest version of Owntracks (8.3.3) and mqttitude.

I’m struggling to understand if I need to append event/ only on my item definition:

Switch Andrea_Home_MQTT “Andrea @ home” (PresenceAndrea, Persistence) {mqttitude=“mosquitto:owntracks/nesys/andrea/event:home”}

or I need also to change something in Owntracks or OH


mqtt-eventbus:stateSubscribeTopic=owntracks/nesys/andrea is still ok?

Thank you


Mine looks like this:

Switch Scott_Home “Scott @ home” (MS_Misc) { mqttitude=“owntracks:owntracks/secret/Scott/event:home” }

The “secret” part comes from using cloudMQTT to route my locations.

ok sounds similar. I’m using a private mosquitto server, but the config seems the same.

What about mqtt-eventbus? not clear what is it, and if I need to put multiple stateSubscribeTopic, one for each topic to be subscribed.

Can you please point me on the right direction?


If you are only tracking locations using the eventbus is in my opinion an overkill.
In my case I am also using owntracks for tracking with mqttitude and mosquitto as a private broker.

I only configured the mqtt transport section (using TLS for authentication):


When I started with owntracks a couple of weeks ago It helped a lot to understand all this by using mosquitto_sub and subscribe to all owntracks topics. It then will show you the exact path where the messeages are going (or coming from) and there you can see that you need the /event portion in your items definition:

mosquitto_sub -h localhost -p 1883 -v -t 'owntracks/#'