MQTTv2 - transformationPatternOut support status

In the documentation ( is mentioned optional parameter transformationPatternOut, but I cant get it to work on current 2.4 release.
Is output transformation supported in stable 2.4 release?

And will be possible to combine transformationPatternOut and formatBeforePublish? (for example apply transformation to the value and then prefix the result with constant)

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Nope. Oh 2.5m1 at least.

I’m trying to get the same to work, running 2.5m1 I enter MAP( and it complains with: The transformation pattern must consist of the type and the pattern separated by a colon

Ok, found the sintax is and also had to install the transformation … anyway playing with this I figured out it applies the formatBeforePublish thing before doing the transformation which is exactly the opposite way I needed it to work.

It might make sense to switch that around, true.

Yes please - It does not make any sense to do transformation after formatting…
Should I open a Issue or is there any feature request list?

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