MT2653 Keyfob and openHAB2

Hello everybody,

I’ve got a Devolo home control remote control (MT2653 Keyfob is what openHAB2 says after inclusion). The remote has four hardware buttons (1-4) and in openHAB PaperUI it shows two channels:


Scene Number
Triggers when a scene button is pressed

Battery Level

I assume that with the Scene Number I can trigger rules, which would be perfect for me. However, I have no idea about how I can get this value. What kind of item do I define? A Number item and then check item.state in a rule?

I would be happy if somebody who has successfully included this device could give me some hints about how to get it work with openHAB2 (I would control day/night roller shutters and light with it - so 4 buttons are just perfect).

Thanks a lot in advance!

item file:

Number MT2653 "MT2653 Scenes [%s]" {channel="zwave:device:f6c43a3c:node60:scene_number"}


rule "test scene numbers"
	Item MT2653 received update XX

	//do stuff
        logInfo("FILE", "Testing scene number XX")

To find out which scene number (XX) belongs to which button switch the zwave binding in debug mode and hit all buttons one after the other, then take a look into your openhab.log and see what you got.

Hi @sihui,

thanks a lot for your input. I didn’t know I can use, e.g., “received update 1.0”.

I’ll try it out right away when I get home. Thanks again!

Hi @antares2001,
you got this to work? i don’t get any update via the scene_number.
as far as i can figure out now the product settings of the MT2652 are wrong…
hope you figured it out and sent me your items and rule settings…

Hi @Schwartsenegger

no - I didn’t get it to work. I returned it and don’t use a Keyfob at all. I am suspecting though that the device was faulty.

Sorry I couldn’t help you more.

Hi @antares2001,
no Problem thx for your quick reply.

just want to mention that after reading this thread I got successfully run the devolo keyfob (MT2653).

just creating the item like described

Number FB1 "FB1 [%s]" <Door> (Door) {channel="zwave:device:0a8ccf87:node10:scene_number"}

and after pressing any button I see e.g. in paperui control the returned scene number. after this creating the rule (in my case to open/close door with danalock) and everything works like it should:

rule "FB1"
	Item FB1 received update
	if (FB1.state == 1.0) {
	if (FB1.state == 2.0) {

Yes, we got it to work finaly but had to make some updates with the help of @chris.
See this thread: Scene number not updated after zwave message received

Talking about the MT2653:
My battery is draining too fast in my honest opinion. What is your experience with it?
What settings do you use for your things?