Multi device item not working

I have a weird one. I have 2 light fixtures in my pantry and have installed 3 insteon devices in the pantry. I have a light switch and 2 LED bulbs. I’ve linked the the LEDs and the switch and that works perfectly. I setup an item in my insteon file and it’s not working properly. What I want is when I enable the item that it turns on the 2 LEDs and the switch, but it only turns on 1 LED. Here’s the item definition:

Switch Pantry “Pantry” (House,Kitchen,Light) [ “Lighting” ] { insteonplm = “48.82.A6:F00.00.02#switch” , insteonplm = “47.58.EC:F00.00.13#dimmer” , insteonplm = “47.58.BA:F00.00.13#dimmer” }

I’ll be damned if I can see what’s wrong.


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Which led does it turn on?
Create a to more switches one for each led
Do they both work?

It’s always the last device in the list which right now is 47.58.BA, if I swap them it would be 47.58.EC. As individual devices they work fine, it in the above configuration that it doesn’t work.

Hi Bob,
I have just read the insteon plm binding docs and that doesn’t seem to be a known limitation although there are no examples of items bound to several insteon properties.
Time to file a Github issue?

It’s been a long time since I found a new bug, but perhaps you’re right.