Multi-Result Rules - Configure latency

I’m new to OpenHAB and have created a proof-of-concept for my bedroom. My room has two lamps by the bed with no available lightswitch to toggle them. I recently purchased some Flic buttons and have the following setup:
Flic2Hub —TOGGLE–>DummySwitch (via REST call)------RULE*---------->Turn on lamp 1 and lamp 2 if both are OFF
Flic2Hub —TOGGLE–>DummySwitch (via REST call)------RULE*---------->Turn off lamp 1 and lamp 2 if both are ON

  • Rules were created via PaperUI interface

When I click the flic button, the logic works and both lamps turn on. However, lamp 1 will turn on, there will be about a 1 second pause, and then lamp 2 will turn on. Is this delay configurable such that I could have both lamps turn on at the same time (or with a very slight delay)?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: NUCi3, 32GB RAM, 250GB SSD
    • OS: Windows 10
    • openHAB version: 2.5

You should tell us a little bit more about your lights :slight_smile: Otherwise i would say that the guy whi light up the candles need a second to change the beside :wink:

Sorry about that. Haha, I promise no oil burning here :slight_smile: Lights are standard lamps plugged into a TPLink Smart power strip. I configured the flic buttons to be so single click toggles 1 light via OpenHAB REST API. This is instantaneous. Double click toggles both lights off if they are both on or on if they are both off (2 separate rules). If I double click, the first lamp turns off almost instantly, but the second takes about 1 second