Multi-select options for sitemap

Hi all,

For some time now I’ve been using a robot vacuum which offers room cleaning (as opposed to just cleaning the whole house at once). I currently use a SELECTION element on my sitemap to choose a room. When the item associated with that SELECTION changes it triggers a rule to send the command to the vac to go clean that room.

However, I can actually use this feature to tell the robot to clean several rooms in one command, so I’d like to have a way to select multiple rooms, then I’ll create a new “go” button to trigger the rule.

What do others use to select multiple items at once? I’m considering using a button grid, but I’ve never used that element before.

There may be other ways, but I think you could actually use buttongrid in this case

  • One Switch item for each room
  • Have the buttongrid shows one button for each item. By default I believe the buttons are stateful, so when the switch is ON, the button will show as highlighted, so you could toggle them around until you have “selected” only the rooms that you want to clean

Make sure you use the Button widget though, not the buttons mapping. i.e.

sitemap "x" {
  buttongrid {
    button row=xx, column=xxx, item=Room1....
    button row=xx, column=xxx, item=Room2