Multi server support

The latest beta version (2.15.4-beta) supports multiple servers.

When adding multiple servers to the app, there’s always a primary and an active one.
The active server is used for foreground operations, e.g. display the Sitemaps, and can be changed in the side menu.
The primary server is used for all background operations and can be changed in the settings.

Features that support multiple servers:

  • Display Sitemaps and HABPanel
  • Voice commands launched from in-app (sent to active server) and from widgets (sent to primary server)
  • Show a list of recent notifications
  • Sitemap shortcuts on the home screen
  • Shortcuts for HABPanel, notifications and voice command

Features that don’t support multiple servers, i.e. use the primary server:

  • Item widgets on the home screen
  • Quick tiles
  • NFC tags
  • Push notifications
  • Send device information to openHAB
  • Tasker plugin


What about Apple OS users?
Is there any update?

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