Multilple Artnet Connections?


I am relative new to openhab but step by step I am getting the structure.
I am using the DMX-Artnetbinding with a DMX4All Stick and testing works very good.
No I thought if I want to connect another Artnet-DMX-Adapter (e.g. in a different floor) with different fixtures. Is there a way to make another connection/universe/… with a second Artnetadapater or is this just not possible at the moment?
I hope I haven’t overseen something in the docs.



you haven’t overseen something in the Docs.
The DMX-Binding was the reason I started with openhab in the first place,
but it is very old and there is no more active development
I have already opened an issue, and this shouldn’t be much effort, since I already managed to identify the part in the code where the universe is hardcoded.
However, I lack the ability and knowledge to do the change myself! :frowning:

Hi sebastian,

I came also to openhab because of DMX, was trying around with fhem (which is also a really nive peace of software and some things there are very handy!) but there isn’t a good artnet/dmx module.
With openhab the fades and so on where fine from the start, so I like to try that more.
As the DMX binding itself seems to know universes and in the artnetmodul is a comment that it could be changed later to support multiple universes this really seems not to hard. But I am also not a programmer myself :frowning:
I think I’ll try to make a friend of me looking into this, as he does java programming at work. As I can’t estimate how much work it is to get into this issue I don’t know how much I will get him on his nerves with that…


Sounds good, since DMX seems to be the easiest and cheapest way to control RGB(W) Stripes
Please make sure that you check the issue on github, I already marked the point where the universe is hardcoded.
I’m a programmer, but I hardly have experience with Java and I still didn’t manage to set up the IDE.
If I can assist in any other way I would be glad.


some news on this: I tried to set up an IDE and the mvn on the command line compiles. Eclipse throws multiple errors and it doesn’t run from eclipse. It really seems a strange thing at the moment. The yoxos setup won’t work, the eclipse smarthome project seems to be for openhab2… but as said the things compile (the 1.7 branch).
My friend has looked into the code and has made a quick and dirty change so the artnetsubnet and artnetuniverse can be written in the connection string (and it works so far).
So I can now write dmx=0:0:,0:2: for universe 0 and 2.
When you define now an item with CHANNEL=[1/3] it brings this channel(s) to all universes.

So the thing is to make a difference on the universes on the item definitions.

At this point DMXGenericBindingProvider at line 47 it says


So there seems to be something to define a universe. But if you write it in the item definition it throws an error. I don’t know how this file/binding is implemented or not.

The other thing is that the DMX Service seems to have exactly one connection which comes from the artnetbinding.
So for multiple connections like in the issue you opened it seems there must be done some more programming in the DMX module, if I unterstood correctly.
Therefore the item definition with the universe like mentioned above it could be easier, if we could find out how it can be used.

Do you have ideas/programming ideas/programming suggestions?
The more informative the better, the less I have to bother my friend :wink:


I am actually working on an artnet binding.
This will support multiple universes and multiple recievers.
But I am new to Java, so I still have to figure out some stuff.
Could I involve you in the testing-process?

Of course, I can set up a vm with the needed openhabversion and give feedback and do testing, just let me know what is needed and how to get the files for testing!

Great! If I got something that works, I’ll let you know! :smile:

Thanks, I am waiting for it. And get another Artnetdevice for more testing :slight_smile:

I just finished some builds. I am pretty new to Java and everything - so that’s why it took longer.
You can get the latest builds from [GitHub][1].

What works:

  1. Creating universes and Artnetnodes


  2. Accessing Channels directly from rules:

    ArtnetSetChannel( “name”, 1, 255)

Be aware, there is still a lot of debug trace and the binding is max alpha state.
But I really would appreciate your feedback.

Attention: You can’t mix this binding with the “normal” DMX-Binding.

Have you already had a chance to take a look at it?
I just want to make sure I’m going in the right direction. :blush:

Unfortunately not because of work the last weekends. This weekend, too, but I try to grab some time Monday morning, because I am very interested! I’ll get back to you ASAP.


I put some more work in it. You can now define channels and send values via commands to them. Also I added a short descripten site.
You can take a look at it on Github.
Please feel free to raise any issues.


I am just trying the binding, but not too much luck at the Moment. It throws no errors, but also I am getting no output. It just eems if it doesn’t send anything to the Artnetdevice.
Should the Itemdefinition work as with the DMX Binding, so I can define CHANNEL and ON and OFF?
Do I need more bindings as your action.artnet and binding.artnet to run?

you can set the logging level to debug. Here is an description, just change zwave to artnet.
You should see plenty of debug information then.
There are no requirements for any further external files.

Be aware, that the configuration syntax is different than from the DMX-Binding.
There is a short example on Github how it works.

I haven’t implemented fades yet, so you can only set values directly on channels.
Tomorrow I have a day off and I hope I can implement some more features.

Please let me know, if you need any further help. :wink:


of course, set the right debug level…
So at the moment the only way to pass values to the channels is through rules I have to define? So the switch item definition doesn’t do anything on it’s own?
If yes I think this is the configuration problem at my side.
I’ll define some rules with value settings tomorrow and try that!

I know I am resurrecting something very old but did this ever get merged into the master branch for the 1x binding to be able to specify a universe