Multiple Channels for One Item or Groups?


i am wondering how to control a room temperature with multiple radiators in it but as simple as possible. In my case, i have Max! thermostat devices on two radiators.

I had two approaches till now

  1. Using groups
    My max thermostats has each 22 channels. Means for my livingroom with 2 radiators, i have to create 44 corresponding items to make everything configurable using openhab.


Then i would put every of this point in another group named as the channel item.

For example

Group:number g_Living_Room_Set_Temp.

When i send a command to his group, the corresponding items at both devices gets the command fired.

  1. Using multiple channels
    I have the 22 items again but will add both channels from both devices to it, since they are actual the same devices. This would reduce the mess with the groups drastically, since i have just to control again only one item per room.

But I think this is just possible because i use identic devices on both radiators. If there would be two different devices with other channels, this will not work anymore which makes think about if this is the “right” way of setup the stuff

In both cases i am not sure if this is correct, since for example the set_temperature also represents the actual set temperature of the specific device … what should the group item/item with two channels should display in this case?

At all it feels really complicated to set up this “simple case”. I think the error i made before is to look as a user too much in a “device perspective”, but usually i am not interested in such details. Instead i would set up a room temeprature and all devices should behave corresponding

Has somebody a proven concept?

Consider that even identical devices need not be reporting the same sensor readings back to openHAB e.g temperature or valve position.
That’s the hint that they should be handled as individual Items.

That’s okay, they are free.