Multiple conditions visibility not working

Hi all,
Im having trouble to get this working, it works with only 1 condition, but not with 2 or more.
For example, when my kodi is on, and playback stops, this works:

Text item=Kodi_title visibility=[Kodi_title!="UNDEF"]

It hides the item as expected, but when kodi is off, that doesn’t work, but this does:

Text item=Kodi_title visibility=[Kodi_title!=NULL]

It hides it as well, only not when kodi playback is stopped…
So i made it like this, which according to the wiki should work:

Text item=Kodi_title visibility=[Kodi_title!="UNDEF", Kodi_title!=NULL]


Text item=Kodi_title visibility=[Kodi_title!=NULL, Kodi_title!="UNDEF"]

i even tried:

Text item=Kodi_title visibility=[Kodi_title!="UNDEF", Kodi_title!="", Kodi_title!="-", Kodi_title!=NULL]

But all failed, so is this either a bug, or am i doing something wrong?

It is important to note that visibility may be determined based on only one condition at a time. If any one of the comparisons is evaluated as true, then the Item will be visible. Otherwise it will be hidden.

Ahh ok, i had to rewrite this text 3 times before i got it.
If Kodi_title = UNDEF, its unequal to NULL, so therefore visibility is true, it shows Kodi_title, and the other way around,
If Kodi_title = NULL, its unequal to UNDEF and therefor visibility is also true.