Multiple devices in different rooms

I’ve gone over the documentation but still can’t understand how to set up multiple devices for different rooms using the Alexa binding. Pretty simply if I have multiple thermostats for different rooms, how do I configure the items so that Alexa knows which thermostat I am referencing? I would prefer to reference the device by room instead of going down the lastvoicecommand route. I know it has something to do with grouping but I have yet to figure it out. If anyone knows of an example, I’d appreciate the link. Thanks!

I’ve got all my openHAB controlled thermostats published to Alexa/Google.

From there, it is simply a case of assigning them to Rooms within Alexa/Google. Then, you can say “what is the temperature in [room name]” or “set temperature in [room name] to [temperature]”

If you’ve also got an Echo device in this room, you can skip the “[room name]” part in the command.

So you didn’t try to do it all with groups, etc… and made each device a single endpoint and assigned the rooms through Alexa/Google? That worked when I used the Homekit labels from the original Alexa skill but I thought there might be a better and easier method with the current skill.